About us

COMEPEZ S.A. is a company incorporated in December 1996, which has as its corporate purpose the reproduction, breeding, raising, fattening, commercialization, distribution and sale of fish in the national or international market.

To achieve this goal, COMEPEZ S.A. has two production centers for growing fish in reservoirs and in tanks on land, which operates with the following infrastructure:

  • SANDY (Ponds on land)
  • REPRODUCTION: 9 ponds
  • REVERSION: 56 sinks
  • LEVANTE: 25 ponds
  • FATTENING: 31 ponds
  • BARCAZA (Betania Dam)
  • PRECRÍAS: 16 cages
  • LEVANTE: 22 cages
  • FOLDING: 26 cages
  • FATTENING: 31 ponds

Additionally, COMEPEZ S.A. has 60 employees who are in charge of the operation in the production of these centers, which are constantly trained in order to guarantee the quality of the product and other fundamental pillars such as animal welfare, solid waste management, food safety; 12 employees who are in charge of the administrative and human management area to guarantee the health and safety of the workers, and 9 employees who are in charge of the transport and dispatches to the different destinations of the product all this under a current legal regulatory framework.

Once the fish has been harvested according to size and weight, it’s transported to the EXPORT PEZ SAS processing plant, which is responsible for the transformation of the finished product according to the customers’ requirements and is then dispatched to its final destination, which guarantees the freshness of the product.

  • Vision

    COMEPEZ S.A. will be a competitive company in the national and international market in the production and commercialization of high quality fish that will allow it to position itself as the leading company in the market in species diversification, computer technology innovation, polyculture research and water use optimization, guaranteeing sustainable, environmental, economic and social development.

  • Mission

    COMEPEZ S.A. mission is the production and marketing of fish of excellent quality, in order to meet the needs of the national and international market. For this, we have specialized personnel highly committed to the process of aquaculture production, resources and technology that allow carrying out the activities of the sector; offering welfare to the workers, environmentally sustainable development and compliance with standards that guarantee the safety of the product.

Corporate Principles

At Comepez we are convinced that:

  • Faith in God: Strengthens and holds us together.

  • Legality: Compliance with the law guarantees our stability.

  • Respect: Maintain a better coexistence, dignified and in peace.

  • Competition: It allows us to be great within the market.

  • Sense of belonging: Each one of us owns our process.

  • Self-care: Return home safe and sound.

  • Quality: Main characteristic of our product.

  • Responsibility: Be consistent with our actions and decisions.

  • Loyalty: Fidelity to our moral principles and to the principles committed to the company.